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Hello Epicurean Readers! Every issue I will be on the hunt to find the perfect cocktail, just so you don't have to! Check in to find out what's new in Charlotte, learn more about my favorite finds and the must have cocktails of the season.

Cheers & Enjoy!

 - Kate  



August/July Pick: Finca Wölffer Rosé



As a native New Yorker, the Summer season marks the start of the rosé season. Also known as...my favorite season. Why, you may ask. Simply, because rosé embodies all things summer in a bottle. Subtly crisp in taste with hints of dry notes, perfectly blush in color and refreshingly cool.

Now, I will say not all rosés are created equal and if you’ve had a bad one you probably have banned the entire variation of them from your palate. Let’s be honest, up until five years ago, Charlotte’s offerings within the rosé market were limited to say the least. You are probably wondering what makes me such an expert? Well, I grew up next to one of the best vineyards known for their seasonal rosé, Wölffer Estates (yes, I am biased). In my opinion there is no such thing as a bad glass of Wölffer Rosé. What they offer is on par with Côtes de Provence; famously recognized in this category. The only downside to Wölffer is their vineyards are small, limited in production and getting your hands on it means a trip to the Hamptons. Well, until now. That’s right Epicurean readers, just in time for Summer I bring to you a piece of my very own backyard: The Finca Wölffer Rosé. Wölffer has expanded into the Argentinian countryside and have produced a magnificent Rosé that can be found right here in Charlotte. And this Rosé is true to what they do best; featuring aromas of citrus, peach & ripe berries. This bottle as they say, “evokes the spirit of Summer in the Hamptons” -- and yes indeed it does, trust me, each sip of this rosé brings me back where it all began. There is no better way to toast the summer of 2018, than with this. Until next time, cheers and enjoy!

Where to purchase: Winestore, 720 Gov Morrison Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28211


May/June Pick: "Maybe Make the Sexy Time" Margarita 


Warm Temps Bring Cool Drinks

I am completely swooning with this season. After what feels like one of the longest winters we’ve seen in some time, to say I have spring fever is an understatement. Bring it on summer … I’ve waited for you long enough.

Here’s to beaming sunshine, warm temperatures, blooming buds, and, most importantly, outdoor cocktails. So toast along with me to a seasonal cocktail that is sure to hit all the marks.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, I’ve found a margarita that will have you saying, “I’ll have another, por favor!” This one-of-a-kind concoction can be found at RuRu’s Tacos & Tequila and features house made jalapeño infused tequila, fresh lime juice, triple sec, 100% agave purée, and homemade cucumber purée, topped with a splash of club soda.

Oh, and the name of the drink? If you’ve been to RuRu’s before, you know there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to naming items on the menu. And this margarita is no exception—I present to you the, “maybe make the sexy time” margarita. That’s right! It gets easier to say after you’ve had a few. And honestly, this margarita is good enough to be worthy of the name—it’s full of spicy jalapeño notes, refreshing lime flavors, and a hint of smoothness from the fresh agave purée. Each sip offers a hint of tang, spice, and coolness, and when it comes to sitting back, soaking in the rays, and sipping a margarita, there’s no better setting than RuRu’s outdoor patio. You may as well be whisked away to a private villa full of lush flowers and effortless charm. It’s all right there, margarita included.

Until next time, cheers and enjoy!


March/April Pick: Large Marge


Winter is finally on its way out, and spring fever had my taste buds craving one of my all-time favorites ... the classic Bloody Mary. I was on the hunt for something new and innovative, however—simple tomato juice and vodka just wouldn’t do.

Well, Epicurean readers, get ready for a bloody that redefines the old time classic. I present to you the ‘Large Marge.’ Now, this is no ordinary spinoff—this 20 ounce Bloody Mary is concocted of Tito’s Handmade Vodka shots, freshly spiced tomato juice, and topped with a jalapeño firecracker, Midwest cheese curds, fried pickled green tomato, carrot, celery, green olives, an angus burger slider, and peppered Applewood smoked bacon. On the side is a Miller High Life shorty to wash it all down. Need I say more? Served up at Moo & Brew, this at-home, neighborhood burger joint is the perfect setting to throw back this master creation. It is as it sounds, a meal in a glass. With each sip, heads will turn and photos will be snapped. After all, it’s been dubbed “the most Instagrammed food item in Charlotte.” So whether your taste buds are watering, you’re craving a Bloody Mary like no other, or just looking to get some more traction on Instagram, The Large Marge will hit each and every mark. Indulge, sip & repeat.

Until next time … cheers and enjoy!


January/February Pick: Red Rose Thorne

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I was on the hunt for an early evening cocktail that would be perfect to kick off the night and get you smelling the roses.

Nestled inside Le Meridien hotel in Uptown, the contemporary steakhouse Evoke is serving up a concoction just right for the occasion. Indulge in the Red Rose Thorne. Made with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon combined with a fresh muddled mixture of apple and raspberries, fresh ginger root, habañero simple syrup, and ginger beer, this cocktail is anything but traditional. Topped off with an apple floret and coconut foam, this blend is unexpected, and it’s lively in color and spicy in taste (thanks to the bite of the ginger notes). Each sip of spice is calmed off with a taste of coolness from the coconut water and milk blend. Don’t worry if this cocktail or holiday isn’t for you, however, as the wine selection is extensive and can accommodate a range of palates. My personal go-to: the J Vineyards Vin Gris Rosé of Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley—a crowd pleaser for whatever occasion you may be toasting.

Until next time … cheers and enjoy!


November/December Pick: Truffle New York Sour


How about we find a private, hidden, members-only club to indulge in for my newest pick? Don’t worry, they’re not exclusive, just a technicality thanks to North Carolina law.

Venture around the back of Park Road Shopping Center where, concealed among many of the newest additions, you’ll find a small brown door with three simplistic dots. You’ve found it …welcome to Dot Dot Dot. Behind the black door, a dimply-lit narrow walkway lined with tall brick walls immediately transports you to another place. As you turn the corner, you’re immersed into another world. Known for their signature cocktails, the Truffle New York Sour does not disappoint. A creation of Kentucky bourbon, orange liqueur, truffle egg white, house sweet and sour, and ruby Port, it’s topped off with the three dots logo, leaving no detail unturned. After all, it was a slightly out of focus photo of an aerial view of the Truffle New York Cocktail that was the inspiration behind the logo. This culinary concoction is full of flavor, offering the perfect amount of underlying autumn bourbon hints along with a refreshing bite to each sip.

As you sit back, get swept away by the intimacy and coziness of this hidden gem. Be transported to a faraway place … it won’t be difficult since Dot Dot Dot hits all the marks. Until next time, cheers and enjoy!


September/October Pick: White Zombie


Football season is back, which means two things for the Queen City. First, cooler temperatures are finally about to make their debut, and second, the hunt is on for the perfect beer to ring in the Panthers season.

With an abundance of choices for the craft beer scene in Charlotte, I narrowed my sights in on one that checks all the boxes. With more than 50 taps and 10,000 square feet of space and skyline views of the city, Catawba Brewery Co. hits the mark. My personal favorite brew—White Zombie—is a classic ale that Catawba has mastered. Brewed using unmalted wheat, this white ale is light in body and refreshing in taste. Each sip offers a subtle drop of underlying hops featuring flavors of orange, coriander, and a tart finish. But just in case a Belgian-style brew isn’t for you, Catawba Brewing Co. offers small batch brews as well, many of which are kept a surprise until they’re released.

If you’re looking for a one-of-kind beer that you can’t get anywhere else, don’t miss the Festbier—a German-style lager with a distinctive malt character and smooth finish. This easy sipping lager will only be offered through September, so get yours soon! Until next time … cheers and enjoy!


July/August Pick: Sparkle & Pop

Beaming sunshine, basking temperatures, and long days are here! This issue’s pick will have you swinging into the Charlotte summer with the ultimate POP! When it comes to chilling out this season, I’ve found a drink that literally melts in your mouth and in your glass.

To cool down this summer, look no further than the Sparkle & Pop cocktail … featuring a bubbly glass of Prosecco topped off with a popsicle. That’s right, a popsicle. My go-to favorite: the strawberry lemonade, courtesy of King of Pops. But the choice is yours, as the flavors offered are ever-changing based on what’s seasonally in style. Each sip allows the sweet popsicle to melt a bit more, fluctuating the flavor and shade of this decadent drink. Can you think of anything more perfect for summer? The concept is simple, but the taste is remarkably delicious. Oh, and did I mention it’s served up at Le Meridien’s City Lights Rooftop Bar? So just in case the temperatures were bogging you down, you get to indulge this one while taking in 360-degree views of the Charlotte skyline.

Whether you’re looking to cool down with a quick concoction after work or on a weekend sunset outing, look no further, as this pick hits each and every mark. Oh, and just in case Prosecco isn’t your thing, the menu isn’t limited when it comes to innovative creations. Another not to miss option is The Full Moon, featuring lemon, blackberries, and Bulleit bourbon. Here’s to another Queen City Summer—raise your glass, enjoy the views, and let it pop! Until next time … cheers and enjoy!


May/June Pick: Montepulciano Riserva

Goodbye winter, and hello spring! Fresh flowers, blooming buds, chirping birds, and blissful temperatures ... arguably, this season embraces the essence of all things wonderful. But this spring is particularly special for me, as I ring in my first Mother’s Day since becoming a new mom. And what better way to celebrate than by finding the perfect drink to toast with? Well, this month’s pick will whisk you away to a far off place.

Just 70 miles outside of Charlotte, an adventure awaits you. As you take your final turn onto a dirt road, you’ll spot a little slice of heaven—a Tuscan-style villa perched upon a rolling green hill—as you’ve arrived at Raffaldini Vineyards. Wander into the tasting room and indulge in a glass of the Montepulciano Riserva. This red will satisfy just about any palate. Each sip offers simplistic hints of fruit and subtle earth flavors with a full-bodied finish. Stroll out onto the patio and be transported to a faraway place. Deep views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, green grass, rustic picnic tables, and lines of flawlessly planted vineyards create a setting so beautiful that it’s hard to believe you’re only 90 minutes outside of the city. Need I say more?

No matter what you’re celebrating this spring, allow yourself to be carried away to a little slice of Tuscany in your own backyard. Until next time, cheers and enjoy!


March/April Pick: Guinness

To kick off our spring issue, I wanted to go with a classic choice just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. This season, ring in the Irish holiday with none other than a Guinness Beer.

My selection is an obvious one, but the place to get it is not. When it comes to an authentic pub for St. Patrick’s Day, it doesn’t get much more authentic than Sir Edmond Halley’s Restaurant & Freehouse. Nestled in the back court of Park Road Shopping Center, Sir Ed’s has all the appeal of a classic pub. Dim lighting, a traditional wooden bar, and a “regulars’ table” that serves as a centerpiece. Inside, the environment is relaxed, cozy, and effortlessly comfortable. The feeling is just as it should be; you can tell this place has roots and offers up the ideal setting to indulge in an classic cold one. The Guinness is served just right—perfectly chilled with a thick, creamy head. It’s velvety, smooth, and rich in flavor. Deep in color but not overpowering in taste, each sip has a bit of coffee undertones with a refreshing bite. Each and every brew is poured to perfection, and the folks at Sir Ed’s take pride in knowing how to do it right.

As I sit on an traditional wooden bar stool, out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of an old, framed advertisement that reads “Lovely Day for a Guinness.” I smirk as I take my final sip, and I can’t help but feel that there is no better place in town to order up an old favorite. Until next time ... cheers and enjoy!


January/February Pick:  ‘Fig’r It Out

It’s a New Year, and that calls for a new cocktail! On my hunt for how to sip in 2017, I stumbled upon a new, innovative, cocktail creation whipped up right in the heart of SouthPark. Look no further than the creative, ingenious choices at Corkbuzz.

While it was my quest for an original wine bar that initially led me in, it is their one-of-a-kind, seasonal cocktail menu that made me stay. Start the year off right by indulging in the ‘Fig’r It Out.’ This fig inspired whisky sour has a bit of everything you need. Old Overholt Rye is intermingled with a homemade fig shrub and sour mix consisting of fresh lemon, lime, and cane sugar. Topped off with an egg white meringue and dry shaken, it’s served up over ice with a bright slice of orange on top.

Every sip is full of spice accompanied with a splash of citrus flavor. Each mouthful offers up a taste featuring all the deep, dark flavors in the whisky without the bite, while the fresh fig adds a touch of sweetness making this cocktail choice an easy one. The egg whites serve up a silky texture while the soft shake creates a fluffy foam on top—beautiful to look at and even better to taste. All of the elements of this seasonal feature work together to make each and every drop better than the last. So start this New Year off right by trying something new and experiencing a cocktail that will make you feel nostalgic while reflecting back on the years past. Here’s to new adventures in 2017 ... until next time, cheers and enjoy!


November/December Pick: Ayala Brut Majeur Champagne

Cooler temperatures, windy weather and winter vibes are in full swing. Another holiday season is here, and it’s, without a doubt, my favorite time of year to be in the Queen City. The only thing that could make it any better is the perfect drink and the perfect spot to go along with it.

Well, Epicurean readers, not to worry, because I’ve got you covered just in time for the holidays. Nestled on East Boulevard in Dilworth, you’ll find Foxcroft Wine Company, one of the few true wine bars in Charlotte. Foxcroft sets the ideal tone for sipping, tasting and indulging in all things delicious. Pull up a chair, and don’t bother looking at the menu … order a glass of Ayala Brut Majeur Champagne. This French Champagne hits all the marks—well balanced, decadent in taste, glows gold in color and needs no help going down. Oh, and did I mention that it’s the only place in town where you can order it by the glass?

As you sit back among the wine-filled walls surrounded by rustic reclaimed wood, be whisked away to all things winter and burrow into this intimate, cozy spot. Whether you’re looking for the perfect night out with some friends or a relaxing date night, Foxcroft has you covered. And just in case Champagne isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry, as the wine list doesn’t disappoint. So pop open the champs or cheers with your favorite juicy red and ring in the holidays. I’ll be toasting you from afar! Until next time … cheers and enjoy!

September/October Pick: Doc Porter's Distillery

The growing craft scene in the Queen City is making its mark all over town. This issue, I was on the hunt for something more than just a creative cocktail ... I wanted an innovative experience. Well, Epicurean readers, you’re in luck, because I’ve found it. A refreshing new competitor has come to town that is clearly here to stay.

Introducing Doc Porter’s Distillery in South End. A grain-to-glass operation that boasts all things local, Doc Porter’s is setting a new standard when it comes to gin and vodka. The vodka is made from North Carolina wheat that’s milled on-site at their local distillery. Doc’s gin follows suit without skipping a beat, made with a 100 percent North Carolina wheat grain-to-glass base. The gin is then vapor infused with hand-selected spices and herbs. Boasting flavors of chamomile, cucumber and grapefruit, this spirit is much more than your average joe. There’s nothing traditional about it; each offers flavors of vibrancy accompanied by a silky, smooth finish.

Recently, I ventured on a tasting tour at Doc Porter’s, and the experience—from beginning to end—was one of a kind. You enter into their dimly-lit tasting room lined with reclaimed wood along with accents of fresh spices and herbs, same that go into each and every batch of their spirits. The feeling is intimate, cozy and accompanied by a view of barrels working on a high wheat bourbon that will be ready just in time for the holidays. This is a family run operation, and you can feel the importance of the local flare that it offers. This distillery prides itself on being under 40 miles away from their local growing grains and working to making a difference. One thousand gallons of mash is sent back to local farms each month to feed livestock, but that’s just one of the many things you’ll discover. Doc Porter’s is all about tasting the local difference and indulging in a spirit that is full of Charlotte flavors. And boy, if I do say so myself, drinking local never tasted so good! Until next time … cheers and enjoy!


July/August Drink Pick: Basil Smash

Rising temperatures, glowing sunshine rays and summertime vibes calls for the ultimate cooling cocktail to top off the season. There’s no denying that the competition among cocktail choices is stronger than ever, but not too worry, this issue’s pick not only proves to be the number one contender in choice, but also scenery.

There truly is no better spot to sit back and enjoy this season’s finest than Fahrenheit Restaurant. Situated on the 21st floor above the Skye Condos in Uptown, Fahrenheit serves up the perfect palate to take in this summertime season. While their seasonal cocktail menu offers an abundance of choices, look no further than the Basil Smash. A delectable combination of local lavender-infused TOPO Gin, fresh lemon, a splash of house simple syrup … all topped off with fresh basil. And by fresh basil, I, of course, mean picked straight from Fahrenheit’s rooftop garden. Each sip is full of refreshing zest, vibrant flavor and a hint of sweetness. The garden-fresh basil screams summer, and each mouthful is truly invigorating.

So this summer, kick back, take in the breathtaking Charlotte skyline backdrop and get in the mood with the Basil Smash. It’s nearly impossible to just have one! But, the good news is, no matter how many you indulge in, there is virtually no better setting by which to be whisked away. Until next time, cheers and enjoy!


May/June Drink Pick: Juicy Jay

Spring has sprung, and with warm weather comes a slew of blooming cocktails all over the Queen City.

The warm temperatures have my taste buds craving a craft delight, and with so many breweries popping up all over Charlotte, the decision wasn’t without competition. The choice was effortless, however, as I stepped on the scene at Legion Brewery. One of Plaza Midwood’s newest hangouts, this brewery boasts the very essence of the craft beer scene. Legion has amassed 28 seasonal brews since launching in December, so you can always expect something new on the menu. But don’t worry, my pick is a staple that’s always flowing from the tap. Soak up the sun, sit back and sip on the Juicy Jay. An American IPA that features Mosaic, El Dorado and Cascade hops, the combination flows together fluently while boasting distinct flavors of tropical tangs, citrus hints accompanied by a dry finish. This IPA is full of the unexpected, easy drinking and a seasonal staple.

So sit back, relax and be whisked away by the tropical IPA. This treat will get you in the mood for summer, and I promise you’ll be back for more. Even among one of the busiest, most booming craft beer scenes around, my hat is off to Legion, proving to be a true contender that needs no introduction. Until next time … cheers and enjoy!


March/April Drink Pick: NKH Cocktail

Warm temperatures, spring air and several broken New Year’s resolutions had me on the hunt for a cocktail that is, once and for all, truly ‘guilt free.’ It’s not always an easy task when it comes to craft infusions, but not to worry Epicurean readers, as I’ve found the ultimate indulgence that’s worth each and every drop.

From mid-March through April, select restaurants throughout Charlotte will be serving up the NKH Cocktail. I was lucky enough to sip mine at Mimosa Grill alongside Tripp Cagle, restaurant proprietor and creator of the delectable drink. As Cagle puts it, the NKH is a creative twist on a classic margarita. A fusion of Herradura Reposado Tequila, Campari, freshly-squeezed orange lemon and lime juices and a touch of agave nectar is shaken, poured over ice and topped off with San Pellegrino Aranciata. Served up in a classic Collins glass, this concoction is bright, booming with flavor and florescent in glow. Each mouthful features an accent of tang accompanied by a hint of sweetness.

Still, the best part of this divine cocktail is the cause behind it—the fight against childhood hunger. For the last 21 years, Charlotte’s Taste of the Nation for No Kid Hungry has brought together local restaurants and mixologists to raise funds to end childhood hunger. One in five children in America will face hunger this year. For every NKH Cocktail ordered, 10 meals are provided for a child. And if that isn’t reason enough to indulge, I don’t know what is. So, this March and April, don’t bother looking at the drink menu or hearing the specials; order the NKH and savor every sip of something that is truly worth it. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to hashtag #NKHCocktail to show your support. Until next time… cheers and enjoy!

Find the NKH Cocktail at Harper’s South Park and Carolina Place locations, Upstream and Mimosa Grill. For more information on the 21st Annual Taste of the Nation event on April 18, 2016, visit ce.strength.org/charlotte.


January/February Drink Pick: Apple of My Eye

Brisk temperatures, whispering winds and dark nights had me on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind cocktail. With Valentine᾿s Day just around the corner, I was craving something outside the box, something eccentric, something memorable. Well, I found it!

Fifteen floors up, tucked away inside the Ritz-Carlton, you’ll stumble upon The Punch Room. If you᾽re looking for the ultimate romantic experience this Valentine’s Day, look no further than the ‘Apple of My Eye,’ created by creative cocktail genius Bob Peters. This cocktail features cardinal gin, apple infused tea, Riesling and simple syrup. Served up in the most stunning, hand blown glass featuring two glass straws for you and your sweetheart to share. Can you think of anything more perfect than a glass for two? Topped off with dried hibiscus flowers, the beauty of this drink in undeniable. With each and every sip, the hibiscus flowers melt, continuously changing the color of the cocktail. Each sip is full of flavor, decadent in taste and accompanied by a bit of sweetness. You can taste the freshness of the gin, which is made just 35 minutes away in Kings Mountain. Looking around, you can’t help but be immersed in the feeling of exclusivity. The dim lights, deep velvet cushions and floor-to-ceiling windows boast a true feeling of intimacy. With only 37 seats available, this is one experience that you won’t forget.

Until next time … cheers and enjoy!

November/December Drink Pick: Cranberry Souse

Just in time for cool temperatures and cozy weather, I’ve found the perfect cocktail thanks to one of my favorite spots tucked inside the Mint Museum in Uptown. True to their seasonal motto, Halcyon masters the ultimate fall cocktail; look no further than their very own “Cranberry Souse.” This concoction starts with a mason jar full of homemade cranberry jam. Inside, you’ll find vibrant, juicy, fresh cranberries, Zinfandel, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, a touch of cloves and orange zest. Need I say more? Combine this decadent delight with a few ounces of Cardinal Gin and half an ounce of Grand Marnier, shake it over ice and top it off with a lemon zest peel and fresh ginger shavings. Not only does this drink boast a taste of the holidays with each and every sip, but it also resembles it in color. Deep ruby red accents from the jam brighten the ice-cold martini glass. Each drop is accompanied with a hint of citrus flavor. Halcyon means calm and tranquil, and that’s exactly how you’ll feel after this cocktail. Embrace the cold weather, bundle up and treat yourself to the perfect seasonal treat! Don’t miss out, as this cocktail is only available as long as cranberries are in season.

Until next time … cheers and enjoy!

September/October Drink Pick: Little Sister

The triple digit temperatures this summer have had me on the hunt for something refreshing, fruity and, most importantly, something on ice.

My summertime “go-to” choice has always been a nice, cool glass of Rosé, though that can get old, fast. My hunt for something different led me to a new, unexpected spot tucked away behind Park Road Shopping Center in Myers Park called RockSalt. While they’re best known for their killer oysters and fresh seafood, RockSalt’s cocktails are what blew me away. As a result, my pick for this issue is their ‘Little Sister’ cocktail. This is a must-try-to-truly-appreciate kind of cocktail. The process begins with a handful of fresh blueberries that are popped to perfection. The blueberries are mixed with Triple Sec and Lefage Rosé (who would have guessed … more Rosé!) and gently poured over chunky, frigid ice cubes. This simplistic mix of ingredients is pure bliss. The blush pink Rosé mixed with the Triple Sec creates a soft, clear color with a pop of bright blueberries that slowly drip out hints of sweetness with every sip. This cocktail is easy drinking and delicious. Each sip is accompanied with hints of strawberry and cherry flavors from the Rosé, and the Triple Sec balances out the depth of Rosé flawlessly. Each taste is truly better than the next. The Little Sister will be the perfect end to your summer!

Until next time … cheers and enjoy!


July/August Drink Pick: 2009 Nebbiolo

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for a weekend getaway. I recently ventured on a wine tasting trip to the Yadkin Valley, or as I like to call it, the Southern-Style Napa, to find something new for this month’s drink selection.

Just an hour and a half’s drive from Charlotte, lush vineyards and acres of wine country await you. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll find Round Peak Vineyards. Known for growing and producing Italian and French varietals, this vineyard has several notable features for any wine lover. Wander into the quaint tasting room and look no further than the 2009 Nebbiolo. Order a glass of this vino and be whisked away to the Italian countryside. It won’t be a difficult task, as this particular glass of wine uses the same grape that’s found in Italian Barolo wines. With each and every sip, this wine boasts flavors of cherry, raspberry and licorice. It’s dry, easy drinking and worth the trip. Stroll the gorgeous grounds of the lavish vineyards or relax away from the glowing sun in the gazebo. The scenery will whisk you away to a far off place, and a weekend getaway will feel like a summertime vacation. Until next time… cheers and enjoy! Or as they say in Italian, Salute!

For more drink picks and wine tasting tips, check out my article on the Yadkin Valley in this month’s issue.

May/June Drink Pick: The Salty Coconut Red Ale

Spring is here, and it truly is my favorite season to get outside and try out some tasty new beverages in Charlotte. Sunny days and temperatures in the high 70s have me reminiscing about clear blue water and warm sandy beaches. But since we’re a bit far from the beach, my second favorite spot is one of the many craft breweries in Charlotte.

My personal favorite is Sycamore Brewery. Nestled in the heart of SouthEnd, this brewery brings big competition to the growing local craft beer scene. Wander inside and pick from one of the 20 house taps that host an assortment of seasonal crafts. If you can’t decide, however, and only have time for one, go with my pick of the month: The Salty Coconut Red Ale. While it may be brilliantly red in color, it’s definitely not your typical red ale. Brewed with 10 pounds of coconut per barrel along with a splash of sea salt, this ale is unexpected, delicious and refreshing. The ale arrives with a perfect, sliver of white froth that coats the top of the beer. Immediately, your senses are overwhelmed by the scent of coconut, but don’t mistake this for a Piña Colada. Each sip leaves you with a decadent aftertaste that features flavors of toffee, caramel and toasted coconut.

The taproom opens up to an adjoining garden full of picnic tables, games and live music. As the sun beats down, the music serenades you, and with each sip of your coconut ale, you are whisked away to summer life in far off places. And just in case beer isn᾿t your thing, Sycamore also offers wine on tap. There᾿s truly something for everyone! Sycamore’s motto is “Drink Carolina Proud,” and that᾿s just what each and every person does when they visit. Don’t miss out! Until next time... Cheers & enjoy!

March/April Drink Pick:  The VIP 

Signs of warm seasons are swooping in and getting me in the mood for a refreshing cocktail. This issue’s choice is one that you don’t want to miss. Inside Piedmont Row, you’ll find a classic Steakhouse favorite: Del Frisco’s. But it’s not the steak that I’m craving. 

Wander inside, and you’ll find my go-to cocktail and steakhouse secret glowing inside an illuminating glass jar at the end of the bar. Bright, yellow stacked Hawaiian pineapple slices fully immersed in Clementine Vodka radiate through the glass. Epicurean readers, I introduce you to ‘The VIP.’ A personal favorite that does not disappoint, this signature cocktail is a labor of love. The golden, rich pineapple is infused in vodka for 14 days and delicately strained. Each delicious drink is shaken on ice, creating a sleek layer of froth on top and served up in a martini glass draped with an orange spiral over the rim. Grab a seat at the bar and indulge. This cocktail is smooth, silky and delicious—not too sweet and not too strong, but just right. The top layer of foam adds a pinch of creaminess to each and every sip. Radiant in color and decadent in taste, this cocktail is one worth savoring. Trust me, it’s hard to beat. Until next time... cheers & enjoy!

(Tip: Wednesday night is a special price for The VIP!)

January/February Drink Pick: The Alternative Cocktail

 Winter is in full swing, and cold temperatures and windy weather have had me on the hunt for a warming cocktail. This issue’s choice definitely doesn’t disappoint. Nestled behind a busy road in Myers Park is an old mansion. Wander inside, and you’ll find one of my favorite spots in Charlotte...Stagioni. One of their best kept secrets? Stagioni’s decadent drink menu. Dim lighting, historic details and exposed rustic wood ceilings all work together to create a snug, cozy atmosphere and fuel that craving for a wintertime drink. Grab a seat at the bar and indulge in ‘The Alternative’ cocktail. A mix of Bulleit bourbon, muddled oranges, Cointreau, Carpano Antica, aromatic bitter and agave, it’s topped with a slice of orange and a bright red cherry. By trade, it’s a modern-day Old Fashioned. Sipping on The Alternative in this 1920s mansion full of history and character will take you back in time, or at least have you feeling like you’re in the latest episode of Mad Men. The creamy bourbon and sweet agave mixed with a splash of bitters is proportioned impeccably. The bourbon is silky, smooth and needs no help going down. On a cold, winter night, it will truly warm you to the core, making this cocktail the ultimate winter indulgence. Don’t miss out! Until next time... Cheers and Enjoy!

Drink of Choice: Mama's Eggnog

This month I had the chance to chat with the Queen of Culinary Delight, Paula Deen. When its comes to indulging in a Holiday cocktail, look no further than Mama's Eggnog. Courtesy of no other than Paula herself- this Eggnog does not disappoint. I whipped it up in just under 20 minutes and boy, did it blow the socks off of any other Eggnog recipe I've tried! It is decadent, delicious, savory and a true-crowd pleaser. Whether you're hosting a small gathering of close friends or pumping up for your yearly holiday party this Eggnog will leave each and every guest talking for the entire season. See recipe below!

Ingredients: 1/2 pint Bourbon , 1 pint heavy cream, 4 pints milk , 3/4 cup sugar, 6  eggs, separated, 1 tablespoon Vanilla & Nutmeg.

Directions: In a bowl beat the egg yolks with the 1/2 cup of sugar until thick.  In another bowl beat the egg whites with 1/4 cup of sugar until thick.  In a third bowl beat the cream until thick.  Add the cream to the yolk, fold in the egg whites, and add the milk, Bourbon, Vanilla, and a pinch of nutmeg if desired.  Chill in freezer before serving.

        Serve Eggnog in a large punch bowl.

 Recipe courtesy Paula Deen